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We study computer vision ‒ the computational principles underlying machine perception, robot vision, and human vision. We are interested in building computer systems that automatically understand visual scenes, both inferring the semantics and extracting 3D structure for a large variety of environments. Our research is also closely related to computer graphics, perception and cognition, cognitive neuroscience, machine learning, HCI, NLP and AI in general.

At the moment, we focus on leveraging Big 3D Data for Visual Scene Understanding (e.g. RGB-D sensors, CAD models, depth, multiple viewpoints, panoramic fields of view), to look for the right representations of visual scenes that realistically describe the world. We believe that it is critical to consider the role of a computer as an active explorer in a 3D world, and learn from rich 3D data that is close to the natural input that humans have.


We gratefully acknolwedge the generous support of Intel, Google, MERL, Facebook, Samsung and NVIDIA for our research.